Basic Services Required by Sims in the SimCity

Essential services have to be provided to residents in the SimCity. Depending on the plan of the residential zone, the power, water supply, etc., have to be provided adequately to each house. These are essential services that residents require to lead a normal life. Without these services, residents become unhappy and do not like to pay tax. They also prefer shifting to neighboring cities to improve their conditions of living and abandon their buildings. Parks too come under services of a city as they improve the general sentiments of the people.

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Services and Utilities

You will not need to know about how to hack simcity buildit if you properly read and learn below mentioned things and understand how this information is being used in simcity buildit by various top players. There are various services that are found in the SimCity which have to be created as basic requirements of the Sim population. Services like power, water supply, fire services, police station, sewage service, waste management and health services are most important. Power has to be generated to provide lighting and for other purposes in the residential zone. Power can be coal power or dirty power. It can also be green power or wind power or solar power. Water supply in the city is through canals in the roads to residential areas. Fire Services help to prevent fire in the houses. If the size of the fire station is small, it can cover a small radius, but it will be easy to manage. Maintaining law and order is the function of the police, who are also able to regulate the crime happenings in the city. Generally a new city requires a small police station. As you improve your level, you can upgrade your police stations with better techniques. Sewage outflow has to be function well for proper maintenance of the city. The sewage service has to be connected to proper roads for them to function well. A small city will require a small sewage outflow pipe while superior buildings that come with more advanced levels require basic sewage outflow pipes and deluxe sewage treatment plants. Waste management services are required only after crossing advanced levels such as level 13. As residents do not like them in their neighborhood, they are usually located well away from the residential zone. As you advance in the game, you may require a garbage incinerator or a recycling center for better management of waste. Till then a small garbage dump or medium garbage dump will serve the purpose. Once you cross level 16, you may require better health provisions such as health clinic and hospitals. Parks have also been included within the category of essential services as they are required to improve the mental happiness of the citizens. If there are more than 5 residential buildings you can build a park. Having rows of trees and other play things located in park help to boost the population in SimCity. The park should be located near the residential buildings. The Reflecting Pool, Small Fountain Park, Pumbob Park are some of the common parks. The Rows of Trees and Sculpture Garden are some parks that are built in the SimCity as the level improves.

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